3 most easy ways to give CBD to your pets

Easy Ways to Give CBD to your Pets


CBD is short for Cannabidiol; this is a compound that is normally found in the cannabis plant. The most popular form of cannabis is marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is a type of oil that comes from the cannabis safer and also more medical cousin that is –hemp. For thousands of years, people around the world have been using hemp for medicinal purposes. Big bodies in the veterinary world have now begun to embrace CBD oil for its healing characteristics.  If you are new to CBD Oil, you can use the CBD sprays to administer the oil to your pets. There are different ways you can give CBD to your pet; these may be in the form of CBD for dogs spray/Oil/Treats. Read on to understand how you can administer CBD properly to your dog.


CBD Oil is usually administered in drops to the dog’s mouth. The number of drops for each dosage that you give to your pet will depend on various factors. These factors include; the size of your mouth, the brand of your products among other factors.

If you have used CBD oil before on your dog, you will realize that most products will recommend that you administer about two to four drops around two to four times each day. The dosage may be adjusted depending on the size of your dog and if it may have any specific conditions. The best and also the safest way to use when administering CBD oil is by simply following the dosing instructions that are written on the product’s label. Something else that you need to be keen on when administering these doses is observing how your pet reacts to CBD. After a period of observation, you can try and adjust the dosage as needed.

One of the best ways of giving CBD oil to your pet is by placing the CBD oil drops directly into the mouth of your dog’s mouth. Make sure you administer the drops right underneath the tongue.  You need to be patient when administering the oil to your dog; not all dogs like taking medicine. If you continue using the CBD oil using this method, your dog may eventually get used to the new routine that you have begun. A time may come when the dog starts enjoying the oil that you are giving it and this can make the whole process much easier for you.

If you want to make the dog more interested in taking the oil, you may consider giving it some rewards when you give it the CBD oil. Research has shown that giving your dog it’s favorite treat or gift after administering the oil will work well for the dog and also for you. If your dog does not enjoy taking the CBD Oil using the above methods, you can consider using other ways to give it the CBD Oil.


Manufacturers of CBD-based dog products also offer Capsules made of the CBD oil for dogs. The CBD capsules usually come in bottles that are of different sizes.  These types of capsules have around 5mg to 20 mg of CBD each. Just like the CBD oils, the dosage that you use to give your dog these capsules vary from one product to another product. Most of the capsule manufacturers recommend the people who buy the capsules to give their pets a single table once or twice per day.

Unlike CBD-Oil based products, capsules have a high tendency of taking a lot of time for your dog to process them.  An advantage of using capsules to CBD oil is the fact that they are much easier to give to pets, unlike the CBD oil products.

Another advantage of using CBD-capsule is that you can wrap the tablet in a pill pocket and put it in one of the treats that you give the dog. Another way of giving your dog the CBD capsule to your dog is by opening up the capsule and mixing the contents inside the capsule with your pet’s food. To ensure that the dog gets the appropriate dosage of CBD, make sure that the dog consumes all the contents that are in the capsule.

Edibles or CBD treats

There are some manufacturers nowadays who manufacture CBD treats together with edibles specifically for dogs. Each bag that you purchase has a specific number of treats, and each of the treats has a certain amount of Cannabidiol. To get this information, make sure you read the description on the product’s package. The difference between the CBD treats and edibles from the CBD oils and CBD capsules is the fact that the edibles and treats have different CBD concentrations. Before you feed your dog, these treats and edibles make sure you first follow the instructions that are on the product’s label.

The disadvantage of using these products is that it can be quite a challenge to track the intake of CBD for your dog with solid foods—it is possible to have a dosage that is average that is still not a precise one. Unlike the other products, dogs enjoy the CBD and treats and edibles more. Using edibles and treats on your dogs is self-explanatory—this is because the instructions for feeding these treats are simple.

Mixing up the CBD Oil in your dog’s food

Another way of giving CBD to your dog is by mixing up the CBD with your dog’s food. To get the most out of the Oils, it is crucial to make sure you give the dog the Oils directly on an empty stomach. For most people who own pets and dogs, this is not the preferable way for them to administer the CBD oils. If you try to force your dog to take the CBD oils, the dog may resist, and this may be a very negative experience. Some of the different ways you can use to give your dog CBD Oils include; putting the oil in the bowl of your dog’s food when it’s empty. Dogs are known to love eating, and they are active during meal times. By the fact that the meal of the dog always goes to the bowl of the dog, when you place the CBD oil in the bowl together with scents that help the dog relate to mealtime may make the dog lick the oil in the bowl.

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