5 Tips for Stopping the Tingling Effect of Beta alanine

Effect of Beta alanine


Beta alanine helps prevent muscle fatigue and increases endurance, strength, and performance. However, you might experience a tingling effect after taking the supplements. The itching is harmless and temporary but uncomfortable and can hinder your schedule. As such, learning how to avoid or stop this side effect is essential.

Here are the tips to stop the itching effect

1. Minimize your dose

The amount of  beta alanine dosage affects its results. Taking high amounts of beta alanine increases the carnosine levels, resulting in better workout and athlete performance. However, the high dosage results in more itching effects.

The best practice is to minimize the dosage and increase it gradually. You can start with 4 to 6 g/day of beta alanine. Such a dose will help you attain your desired results without experiencing adverse side effects.

2. Spread your dose

If you’re keen to attain optimal results by increasing beta alanine intake, spreading your dose is advisable. You can split the doses throughout the day and night or according to your training schedules. That way, you will increase the carnosine levels without experiencing itchiness. And if it occurs, it will last less time, allowing you to get back to your schedule sooner.

3. Take it with food

Taking beta alanine with food is a great tip to stop the itchiness. Doing this enables you to slow down the absorption of beta alanine. With low absorption, your body can handle the carnosine levels without causing the itching effect.

4. Seek professional advice

You might need advice when supplementing with beta alanine. A professional will assess your eligibility for beta alanine supplements and recommend the correct dosage. When you get everything right about beta alanine, you’ll not worry about the itching sensation.

5. Use a sustained-release beta alanine

Sustained-release beta alanine products have unique designs that allow slow release of beta alanine into your body from a single dose. The supplements help your body absorb and deal with the carnosine levels without exceptionally high spikes.

Also, you can include BetaPrimeTM in your beta alanine formula, a patented blend of nutraceuticals, including magnesium and other amino acids and herbs. The procedure is effective in stopping beta alanine tingles.

Why does beta alanine make you tingle?

Though there is no definitive answer for what causes beta alanine tingles, researchers and scientists believe that beta alanine activates G-protein-coupled receptors. The receptors transmit signals to your central nervous system and skin. It fires up your nerve endings, causing itching sensations.

The duration and intensity of the sensation varies depending on:

  • Ethnicity: People from different ethnicity experience varying tingling effects.
  • Sex: Tingling is more frequent in female users than male.
  • Body size: You’ll experience more beta alanine itching if you’re overweight.
  • Dosage: Beta alanine tingling greatly depends on your dosage. If you use higher doses, you’ll experience more itchiness.

How long does the itchiness last?

The tingling sensation starts in your neck, shoulders, and arms 15 minutes after taking it. The duration of the itchiness can vary depending on your experience. Some will feel it for a few minutes, while others will experience it for an hour. But in general, the sensation will start fading away within 30 minutes.Conclusion

Beta alanine is an outstanding sports supplement. It has superior abilities in improving performance, lessening muscle fatigue, and enhancing overall health. So don’t let the tingling effect hinder or scare you from supplementing with beta alanine. Instead, use the above tips to help you stop and prevent the paresthesia.

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