7 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Can Augment Your Smile

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7 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Can Augment Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry in Gold Coast is emerging at the forefront in today’s date as a means of enhancingone’s beauty. Its highly scientific approach and quick results have enabled this branch of dentistry to gain popularity worldwide. However, one must know cosmetic dentistry mainly concentrates on improving the appearance of your teeth and smile. There are a myriad of treatments covered under cosmetic dentistry that can restore your smile. This blog will give you an insight into 7 different ways in which you can transform you’re your smile with the help of a skilled cosmetic dentist in Gold Coast.

Top 7 cosmetic dentistry treatments:

Even though cosmetic dentistry had gained popularity, people often associate it with teeth whitening only. Teeth whitening is one of the treatments cosmetic dentists provide, however, cosmetic dentistry is much more than that. Here are 7 treatments addressed under cosmetic dentistry, Gold Coast:

Tooth bonding- Tooth bonding helps restore minor flaws in your teeth like minor cracks or gaps. Tooth bonding can be done in one sitting and is completely painless. The dentist uses a resin solution to fill in the cracks and gaps. The bonded tooth appears natural, however, is more likely to be stained so dentists recommend avoiding certain foods.

Teeth Whitening- Most common cosmetic dentistry treatment in Gold Coast, teeth whitening is conducted using bleaching gels to whiten the appearance of your teeth. Whitening treatment doesn’t require use of high-tech equipment, hence, it can be conducted in your house too.

Teeth straightening- Crooked or misaligned teeth don’t just ruin your smile but also make your teeth more susceptible to cavities, gum problems, and even speech problems. Seeking help from an experienced dentist for teeth alignment is the best approach to crooked or protruding teeth. Cosmetic dentists recommend using braces to straighten teeth effectively.

Veneers- When teeth have major visible flaws, dentists prefer using porcelain veneers, Gold Coast to restore your teeth. Although expensive, veneers have a natural appearance and they last long; furthermore, veneersare customised using your teeth’s impressions. Veneers are directly applied to the teeth and can be attached in a single dental sitting.

Crowns- Crown is a tooth cap gluedto your teeth to enhance their appearance, restore strength & shape, and align them. Before bonding crowns with an oral adhesivedentists clean the enamel to prevent tooth decay in the future.

White fillings- White fillings treatment is mainly suggested to patient who need minor corrections in their teeth. A white filling can also be used to replace old metal fillings or to fill in holes due to cavities.

Tooth replacement- Tooth replacement is more than a cosmetic concern and should be done only after acosmetic consultation in Gold Coast. One can either opt for full dentures, partial dentures, dental bridges, or dental implants to replace their damaged tooth.

Seeking cosmetic consultation from experts:

To gain the desired outcome from cosmetic dentistry you must seek help from the best dentists in Gold Coast. With a professional’s experience and skill set your smile can be restored efficiently. Expert cosmetic consultation in Gold Coast also helps determine if you even need cosmetic dentistry in the first place.

Final word

Cosmetic dentistry is unquestionably the reason behind many confident smiles. So if you are someone willing to change your smile or improve the functionality of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry treatment in Gold Coast is something you should consider. GlamSmile has been addressing a wide range of dental concerns now; our reliability, consistency, and cutting-edge technology are what sets us apart from others.

Don’t let flaws in your teeth keep you from flaunting your smile, give us a call right away at 1300 452 676 to know more about us.

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