All there is to Know about Stress Test Exercise

All there is to Know about Stress Test Exercise


Stress test exercise is a test done to determine the performance of your heart during tough workouts. Doctors will connect you to an electrocardiogram machine and ask you to exercise in a treadmill to observe the rate of your heart beats. There is so much you should know about the treadmill test.

Why Should You Get this Test Done?

The treadmill exercise test is normally done to tell if your heart is getting enough oxygen and blood is flowing consistently when you are exercising. The test is usually conducted to people suffering from frequent chest pains and all other signs of coronary heart disease. It is also conducted to tell your health status when you are starting out in a fresh exercise program.  It lets the doctor know the intensity of the exercise you need to realize your health goals.

What Happens During the Test?

When you visit your preferred Cranbourne medical Centre, the healthcare provider will get electrodes and place them on your chest.  In most instances, the hair in your chest will be removed to let the sticky patches stick properly on your skin. A wire will then be connected to each of the patches and then to the electrocardiogram machine.  You will then be asked to exercise on a treadmill.

While you are exercising, the healthcare provider will monitor the electrocardiogram machine to determine the rhythm of your heartbeat. In some instances, your waist will be wrapped with a belt or wrap to hold the wires and electrodes together.

How to Prepare for the Test?

There is nothing much you should do or not do while going for a stress test. However, it is strongly advised not to drink or eat anything 2 hours prior to the test. You are as well advised not to take certain medications. Your doctor will be in a better position to give you clearer instructions on which medications to take and the ones not to take.  You are also advised to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, which allows for easy exercising. You may need to carry the inhaler you use.

Are There Risks Involved?

When undergoing the stress test exercise, you are less likely going to experience much risk. However, some of the people who underwent this exercise claim to have experienced abnormal dizziness, heartbeat, chest pain or even heart attack.  The medication used to stress the heart may trigger shortness of breath or even wheezing.


It’s your responsibility to come up with a working plan on how you want to take care of yourself soon after the exercise stress test is done on you. Understanding your health conditions and the possible treatments is the starting point to a successful life ahead. Get your healthcare provider to provide all possible treatment solutions and choose the one that best fits your condition.  Always take your time to familiarize with different treatments if you want to realize quality care and treatment. Consider consulting with the best healthcare providers in this area for quality assessment and professional treatment.

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