Breast Health: 5 Tips for a Healthy Lifelong Breast

Breast Health


What should you do if you want to have a lifelong and healthy breast? Well, you should ensure you are doing the right thing to keep your breast healthy all the time.

Breast cancer and other ailments happen to women with no risk factors. Therefore, you should adopt some healthy habits to reduce the risk of breast ailments, forcing you to visit orthopedic physicians and general surgeons for help. Here is what you should do to keep your breast healthy.

1. Watch your BMI

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be less than 23 in your entire life if you want to keep your breast healthy. You increase your risk of breast cancer and other breast infections by having a higher BMI or being obese.

If you’re gaining a lot of weight, you can stick to a healthy diet and workout program to cut some belly fat and remain healthy. There is a lot you can do to improve your breast health by exercising to cut weight.

2. Moisturize

Keep your breasts moisturized all day if you want to remain healthy. It only takes a minute or so to apply some moisturizer on your skin and keep your breasts healthy or ‘happy”. The skin around your nipples and the breast are very thin and sensitive – you should keep this part of the breast clean and smooth by applying the right moisturizer.

You can also apply moisturizer to prevent dryness and soreness on the breast. Do not use a cream on your breast if you notice any redness or rashes.

3. Massage your breast

Around your breast are several lymph nodes that carry the lymph fluid. This fluid is responsible for cutting down the risk of developing several types of illness. When you massage this part of your skin, you stimulate the lymph in all directions.

Once you have applied some lotion on your breast, you can massage it for a few minutes towards your heart. This way, you will relax your breast and prevent distress.

4. Take more vitamins

You should also take a lot of vitamin D if you want to keep your breasts healthy all day. Studies show that low intake of Vitamin D is one of the main factors contributing to breast cancer.

It means by eating food rich in Vitamin D you reduce the risk of breast cancer. Try and get enough vitamin D every day. When stepping out in the sun, you should ensure you wear your sunscreen.

5. Choose the right bra

If you want to have a healthy breast, you should get yourself the right size of bra. It may seem like an obvious thing, but the truth is that most women do not pick the right size of the bra when shopping. When you don’t give your breasts enough space to breathe and support, the tissues start to stretch and descend soon.

Therefore, you should measure your breast size every morning and whenever you go to the shop. Replace your bra every six months if you want to keep your breast healthy.

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