How to lose weight after a cesarean

How to lose weight after a cesarean


Recovering the figure and returning to the weight that was had before going through a pregnancy and delivery, either naturally or by cesarean section, is one of the priorities and concerns of the woman who has just become a mother. Although you exercise and eat healthy and according to the recommendations of doctors and nutritionists, during pregnancy always add a few kilos and more rounded forms are acquired due to hormones.

There are different ways to lose weight and recover the silhouette lost after a pregnancy, but we must bear in mind that the process must be divided into different stages that are controlled by a doctor, so that the health of the patient is not compromised at any time. Woman, especially in the case of a cesarean section instead of a natural birth.

Losing weight after cesarean section

For mothers who have just given birth and who want to start losing weight, it is very important to know that this process also depends on the way in which they have given birth. If you do not know all the possible ways to bring a baby to the world, you may be interested in this other article on what are the types of birth.

The stages and times to recover the figure and eliminate the kilos gained during pregnancy are not the same if you have given birth by natural birth that if it was done through a cesarean section.

In the case of caesarean section, the moment to begin to lose weight, especially in the case of starting to exercise, must be delayed. The reason is that there has been surgery, however small, that does not occur in the case of having been delivered by natural childbirth. That is why it is essential to have patience and wait for the wound to heal and heal properly before starting with medium and high intensity exercises.

Diet to lose weight after cesarean delivery

Logically, one of the most important points in weight loss, as in any case when you want to eliminate the extra kilos, is to consider the diet. It is highly recommended, especially in the case that the baby is being breast-fed, to follow the doctor’s recommendations, so that nutrients are not lacking for both the mother and the child.

Within dietary guidelines to lose weight in a healthy way, it is advisable to eliminate from the diet foods with few nutrients and many empty calories (i.e., calories that do not provide virtually no nutrients, only energy). Within this group are highly processed foods, fried foods, industrial pastries or sugary soft drinks.

It is highly recommended to include fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables in the diet, grilled or grilled meats and fish, cereals and drink between 2 liters and 2 liters of water per day. In no case is it advisable to resort to restrictive diets, which only manage to cause a nutrient deficit and recover the lost weight in the medium or long term, as well as being able to cause damage to both the mother’s and the child’s health in the case that he is breastfeeding.

Exercises to lose weight after cesarean

In the case of caesarean section, as already explained above, it is not advisable to perform medium and high intensity exercises shortly after having given birth, since we must wait for the wound to heal properly. If you have exercised during pregnancy, you can probably play sports again at the same pace in three or four months, while the process will be longer if you have not done any type of activity during pregnancy.

It is recommended to start with light walks two or three weeks after having given birth, always consulting the doctor. If it evolves favorably, it will increase both the intensity and the duration of the same, and in about two more weeks you can start climbing stairs. If there is no discomfort, it is advisable to start with soft exercises such as cycling or swimming at low intensities, to go up little by little. They are also recommended exercises Kege l that strengthen the pelvic floor and hipopresivos abdominal exercises to strengthen the abdomen. Disciplines such as yoga or Pilates also help to lose weight, strengthen muscles and gain elasticity.

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