Testing Positive For An STD: What’s Next?

Testing Positive For An STD


Testing positive for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be worrying for most people. However, by following the necessary steps, you can ease your worries and work quickly to treat it. This short guide will tell you everything you need to know and walk you through each step of the process. Once you have taken an STD test, you must follow the next steps below. Let’s get started.

Tell Any Sexual Partners

Now you have found out that you have an STD, you must inform any partners whom you have been sexually active with. Doing this will help to prevent the spread of the disease. You must urge them to take an STD test so they can also seek treatment and get rid of the disease if they are infected. Understandably, you may feel worried about informing your sexual partners of this sensitive information. Seek advice by reading some online articles. There are plenty of tips out there that can help you gain the confidence to discuss this matter with your sexual partners.

Seek The Correct Treatment

After taking your STD test, you must seek the correct treatment as soon as possible. The treatment you require will depend on the type of STD you have. It is advised that you research the different types of STDs to help you determine which course of treatment you will need. Your doctor will discuss this with you, and most STDs can be cured using antibiotics. You must complete the full treatment cycle to get rid of your infection. Failure to take the correct medication for the entire treatment cycle can cause the disease to reappear.

Avoid Engaging In Sexual Intercourse

Once you are aware that you have are STD positive, you must avoid engaging in sexual intercourse. If you do, you must use protection in the form of a condom. However, it is advised that you try and avoid sex altogether to help keep you and others safe. You must inform your sexual partners that you have an STD. So, if they engage in sexual intercourse with you, they are aware of the risks. Typically, most STDs do not take a long time to cure. Therefore, you will not need to wait months on end before you can engage in sexual intercourse once again.

Take A Repeat Test At The End Of Treatment

Once you have completed your full treatment cycle, it is advised that you take another STD test to ensure that you have gotten rid of your infection. This gives you peace of mind that you have the all-clear. It is important not to feel disheartened if you have an STD, as you are not alone. Research shows that more than 1 million STIs are acquired every day across the globe. It is vital that you know how to deal with them correctly. By following these top tips listed above, you will be well on your way to overcoming your STD so you can regain your confidence.

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