What is Oxycodone?

oxycodone addiction.


Oxycodone is perhaps one of the oldest and uninterrupted known abuse problems, second only to alcohol. We know it by many names such as OxyContin, Percocet, Percodan and many other street names. It is a prescription painkiller belonging to the narcotics family. It is prescribed for pain that is present or severe and where normal painkillers do not work. Many people think that it is prescribed by their doctor so it is safe and won’t harm them or become habitual. That is where they are wrong. Oxycodone is not harmful at therapeutic levels, but the moment you start taking more than prescribed quantity or longer than required, it is habit forming and the innocent extras turn into an oxycodone addiction.

You will be surprised to know that 80% of the world’s opioids supply is consumed by Americans. Fortunately, you are not alone to face your demons as you go through oxycodone addiction treatment. There are many drug rehab centers, which are here to help you and make your journey smooth at every turn during the recovery process of oxycodone.

Professional drug rehab centers recognize the fact that one treatment does not fit all patients as well as types of treatments. The medical experts understand every individual’s needs and then prepare their treatment regimen focused to help straighten the difficult path of rehabilitation for you and your loved ones.

Holistic Care

At a drug rehab center, they do not focus only on the medical aspect of the treatment. They understand that incorporation of the body, mind and soul is important for a healthy being. Keeping this in mind, they have built their programs around the complete being.

Therpay Sessions

There are some who like to interact alone, some open up in a gathering, and some like to talk with their family around them. For this, they schedule individual sessions, or group therapy and incorporate family to guide an individual from the world of darkness to light.


Detox is a major step in oxycodone rehabilitation therapy and it helps many addicts. They have fully legalized and furnished detox offices with remedial detox services. The oxycodone addicts undergo a medically supervised and controlled detox procedure.


Professional oxycodone drug rehab centers offer intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs to aid patients as per their requirements. They understand that sometimes removing you from your environment kick starts the process of you achieving control and balance. Generally, the oxycodone rehab facilities are situated in a quiet and serene environment to give the patients much needed quiet and peace and help then connect with teir innerselves.

Behavioral and Motivational Approaches

They have 12 step programs, some of them are faith based to help you explore your spirituality. The combination of yoga, spiritual calmness, nature walks, ocean activities, connection with music and art helps the addicts explore their meaning and existence in the world and helps them find peace with self and the greater being. Some of the activities include exploration of spirituality, recovery, and 12 step meetings.

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