What to Do If a Tooth Falls Out Due To A Blow

What to Do If a Tooth Falls Out Due To A Blow


Surely more than once have seen that because of a fight, practice sports or due to a simple fall to someone is part or is he drops a tooth. Faced with this situation, one does not have to panic, because everything has a solution. In this article, we tell you how to react if a tooth falls out due to a blow. You just have to keep reading and take note of what you should do.

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Steps to follow:

  1. If in any type of situation of daily life, you drop a tooth, due to a blow, a fall or for whatever reason. The first thing you have to do is clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water to disinfect them.
  2. Once you have clean hands, dry them and then you can take the tooth for its crown without touching the root.
  3. Being careful not to touch the root of the tooth, you have to clean it with water to disinfect it.
  4. When you have a clean tooth, you should put it in a container with serum or saliva to keep it in good condition.
  5. The next thing you have to do is go quickly to your dentist. You do not have to wait for a second, because the less time you spend the more likely you are to save the tooth that has fallen on you.
  6. Once in the Dubai dental clinic, the dentist will put the tooth back in its place. Although this solution is not for life, at least you will stay for several years.


Do not try to put your teeth yourself, because you could hurt yourself.

In case of any emergency, do not try to solve it yourself. There are professionals to help you.

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