What Would Be the Best Remedy for Back Pain?

the Best Remedy for Back Pain


Back Pain is a condition that most, if not all, of us experience at one point or more in our lives. It’s entirely normal, but it should start to raise concerns in your head when the condition doesn’t seem to alleviate.

What Could Cause Back Pain?

There are many causes of back pain. One of these is fatigue – your back supports most of your weight for the most of your day. When you’re sitting in the least comfortable position, your back could become strained and result to tiredness in the muscles.

Muscle fatigue can result to back pain, which is a result of sore and tired muscles but is also a sign of recovery. With a little massage, the muscles can be soothed and the pain will go away.

However, what happens when the pain simply won’t go away and continues to bother you for weeks?

What Can You Do About Severe Back Pain?

Most people will want to self-medicate, and that means painkillers. True, painkillers could take away the pain for awhile but their effects are only good for a certain period of time. After that, the pain will return and a cycle of taking the medicines again and again begins.

That is not a good idea, of course. Taking painkillers will result to dependency and, as a result, addiction. Worse, the body will get used to the medicine and will build a resistance. People will now need larger doses of painkillers just to alleviate the pain, and that will damage the liver seriously when the medicines are abused over a long period.

What you need to treat persistent and prolonged back pain is a holistic therapy that is all natural, and is meant specifically to address exactly that which is causing your severe back pain. The root cause of it, so to speak.

Enter Myotherapy

Myotherapy is an alternative form of medicine that aims to treat back pain that is caused not by muscular fatigue, but soft tissue damage. It is a scientific approach, with its techniques and treatments developed based on the practitioner’s extensive knowledge of the muscoskeletal system and the human anatomy in general.

As mentioned earlier, it’s a holistic approach. To be specific, myotherapy and remedial massage both encompass a set of discplines including:

  • Muscular massage
  • Chiropractic therapies
  • Acupressure
  • Temperature-based therapy, like hot or cold compresses
  • Mild stimulation of the nervous system

Benefits of Myotherapy

Don’t let the “alternative medicine” tag fool you. As mentioned earlier, it takes a very scientific approach to treating the internal causes of back pain. Thus, it is a lot safer than surgery and than self-medicating with pain killers.

The therapy also doesn’t take much time. A session typically takes only one hour at most, and is done in an outpatient basis so you can insert it into your busy schedule and carry on afterwards.

Contact us now at Melbourne Natural Therapies if you want to know more about myotherapy & remedial massage melbourne residents can subscribe to. The path to alleviating your persistent back pain could start now.

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