Addiction recovery program, definition, operation and aftercare options.

Addiction recovery program


What is an addiction recovery program?

An addiction recovery program is one in which there are various programs to help a substance addict to recover from substance dependence and get back into the natural lifestyle. The program has various ways to help the person reach the point where he is completely free of any substance dependence.

How does an addiction recovery program operate?

The first step in almost every recovery program is to acknowledge the struggle between each addict’s mind and body towards substance dependence, and once this is sorted, a definitive program is set. And the addict can then begin to start his recovery procedure.

The second step is to join either a detoxification program or an inpatient or outpatient facility to help get rid of the body from the drugs and then slowly transition into a rehabilitation facility to proceed with the other process.

What is meant by addiction recovery aftercare program?

When you visit a proper rehab facility, the overall program is divided into various phases ensuring that the individual is able to recover back into his well-being, healthy state of life when he leaves the program. And aftercare is one of those important phases where the final rehab process takes place.

The addiction recovery aftercare program is divided into three major categories which a person can choose suiting to his needs for treatment options. These are:

  • Out-Patient or OP care – it is a type of treatment which involves a person into regular drug treatment therapy sessions for a set of weeks in order to monitor his rehab progress and to help him get back into his healthy lifestyle.
  • Intensive Out-Patient or IOP– is a type of setup in which the treatment is required at least 12 hours more of drug therapy sessions per week at the preferred facility. One major difference from OP is that the patient can continue to stay at home throughout the treatment duration.
  • Partial hospitalization or PHP – is a type of recovery program which offer sits patients to acquire the proper treatment scheduled for at least 5 hours each day, on a daily basis for 5 days, each week.

To know more about the addiction recovery and aftercare program suited for various types of substance abuse patients, one can simply click over here now, and get to know everything which is required.

What are some of the things to take care of after the rehab process is over?

To ensure that the recovery remains intact for a longer time and also get permanent, one has to keep in mind certain things and often avoid any practices related to these things. These things mainly include awareness of the triggers that develop the feeling for drug cravings, understanding the nature of the drug addiction and analyzing how does it affect the mind and body and so on.

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