Air pollution damage control: 5 things to do

Air pollution damage control: 5 things to do


We list the 5 things you must do ASAP to combat the ill effects of air pollution. Let’s start with buying an air filter mask.

Most of us inherited a clean planet from our forefathers. But we are about to hand over a polluted, diseased one to our future generations! However, it is never too late to take corrective action, and the first area to tackle is that of air pollution.

Consider the 5 most important things you can do to control air pollution and its effects:

#1 Buy an air filter mask. The first thing to do is to create a barrier between air pollution and your body. You can do this by wearing an air filter mask. The air filter mask, as the name suggests, filters out the harmful pollutants from the air that you breathe. Thus, it ensures that purer air enters your body, despite the polluted environment around you. The Dettol SiTiShield air filter mask is highly recommended in case you wish to buy one. It filters out over 98% of particulate matter and other pollutants, and it is fitted with a micro fan to keep the inside of the mask from becoming heated.

#2 Get a comprehensive body check-up. Air pollution can have long term impacts on the body. The immediate effects can be wheezing cough and allergies. However, there may be other effects that are not yet visible, but will manifest themselves over time. A comprehensive body check-up, with scans and blood work, can point out any anomalies such as reduced lung function, respiratory distress and heart and skin ailments.

#3 Purify the room. You cannot do much about the quality of air around you, but you can certainly mitigate the risks by purifying the air that you breathe. Install air purifiers in your bedroom, and try and work inside air conditioned environments. These measures are especially recommended for spaces that house small children, pets and senior citizens.

#4 Plant trees around your house.Another good way to ensure cleaner and purer area in your surroundings, is to plant trees around your house. If your house adjoins a small patch of land, you can plant seeds there and water them intermittently. Or if this is not possible, you can keep a series of potted plants in your windows. Ideal plants for purifying the air include neem, basil and rosemary.

#5 Minimise polluting behaviours. Most of the air pollution we witness today is down to manmade behaviours. There are many more private cars out on the roads today, all of them spewing smoke and toxic gases into the environment. Construction activity, industries and factories, indiscriminate burning, debris and garbage dumping, fires lit for indoor and outdoor cooking, increased use of air conditioners that release CFCs in the air – all of these contribute to a rise in air pollution. You can look for ways to minimise or eliminate them on a personal level to do your bit towards the environment.

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