Some Simple and Easy to Follow Hair Care Tips to Have Beautiful Hair

Some Simple and Easy to Follow Hair Care Tips to Have Beautiful Hair


It is the desire of each and every woman on this plane to appear beautiful and attractive. They just love to beautify themselves and would go to the extent to spend a fortune and take pains to improve on their looks. The hair is indeed one of the most important features that need to be taken proper care of. It is the hair that helps the woman to have a beautiful face and appearance. Hence, it is to be properly maintained and given appropriate and timely treatment.

Useful tips to have beautiful hair

There are several blogs and sites offering useful tips for beautiful hair in Hindi that can be gone through and understood by those who prefer this language. Some tips are as follows:

  • Against frizz: It is possible for the hair to get frizzy when away from home and carrying along the straightening iron everywhere is not a practical option. However, one can pack small styling product bottle in the purse. If such situations arise, apply some instant anti-frizz serum, curl-enhancer or conditioner through the unruly locks.
  • Shine on: The desire could be to have more natural shine on the hair. If so, then wash hair using organic based shampoo. Once rinsing is done, pour some warmish mineral water from one liter bottle on the hair to make it shiny. The water being rich in minerals has pronounced reflection capacity as well as interesting light reflection.
  • Silky hair: For smooth and silky hair, apply mayo using olive oil of 2 tsp and 1 yolk. Apply this mixture on the hair prior to washing. Cover hair using packaging foil. Leave the application for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash hair using baby shampoo and warm water and rinse it properly.
  • Using excess of flat iron tends to fry and split the hair ends, thus making them to appear just like the hair of a synthetic doll and therefore needs to be used less. Use flat double brush or paddle brush to blow dry hair. Also it is necessary to use leave-in conditioner or straightening product.
  • Wet hair not to be done into pony tail: It is necessary to dry the wet hair before making it pony tail. This is because, when wet, hair becomes weaker and the hair strands might simply snap off. If time is a constraint, then it will be useful to wash the hair the previous night.
  • Use vinegar: Once hair is shampooed, use brown vinegar (2 oz.) for brown or dark hair or white vinegar for colored blonde, light or grey hair combined with water of 8oz. and pour over hair. Then rinse. But avoid shampoo. The hair is sure to smell fresh, while the scalp would receive astringent treatment. Hair cuticle is closed by vinegar, allowing hair to reflect light and shine. Vinegar also helps the scalp to do away with dandruff and bacteria growth.

The above are few of the tips that can be followed by women of all ages to beautify their hair. There are also sites and blogs that provide precious beauty tips in Hindi for hair care.

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