Reasons to Get an FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair


Hair loss can be upsetting to people, more so when a person is young. Many, below the age of 30, complain of hair loss, with no intervention being enough to curb the hair loss. Consulting a hair specialist in Melbourne will give you enough reasons to consider an FUE hair transplant in dealing with your hair loss effectively.

Here are all the reasons why you can get your FUE hair transplant without worries:

The procedure is less intrusive than an FUT transplant

As there is minimal intrusion with an FUE transplant, one needn’t worry about the side-effects that come with other procedures such as the FUT transplant. There is no pain or numbness of the scalp long after the procedure, nor is there any scarring to be taken care of. Your FUE hair transplant in Melbourne will also not result in any blood vessels or nerves being touched.

There is very minimal scarring

Most hair transplantation procedures lead to excessive scarring that requires a great deal of after-care while it heals. FUT, which is an equally effective procedure for hair loss treatment, requires cutting a strip of skin from the back of one’s scalp before individually dissecting the follicles for implantation in areas that are deficient. This procedure, too, leaves a scar that needs a great deal of care in the months following the procedure. On the other hand, an FUE transplant leaves no visible scarring. With the procedure being less intrusive, there is no fear of visible scarring that you would need to hide like in most other procedures.

FUE transplants offer more follicles than FUT

Unlike FUT transplants where the surgeon cuts off a strip of hair that damages many follicles that would otherwise be used for treatment, an FUE transplant allows the surgeon to select grafts that are denser or stronger. Further, while individually selecting a graft for an FUE transplant, the surrounding follicles are not disturbed. With an FUE hair transplant, one can achieve much better results while using fewer grafts without causing any damage to the follicles.

The recovery time is faster

Being a procedure that is minimally invasive, an FUE transplant allows a faster recovery time, even allowing patients to resume work as soon as the day after the treatment.

The results are lasting

Compared to other procedures, the results of an FUE procedure are better and more lasting. One of the reasons why is because the hair follicles in an FUE transplant spend far less time out of the body, unlike an FUT transplant where the surgeons spend a great deal of time individually selecting the follicles for transplant after the strip of skin has been separated from the body. Along with minimally invasive and minimally scarring, the results of an FUE transplant offers splendid results in treating men’s hair loss as well as women’s hair loss.

With FUE, as a procedure, becoming immensely popular for hair transplant in Melbourne, you can get a hair loss consultation at any hair transplant clinic in Melbourne that is highly recommended.

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