Alcohol addiction treatment at the luxury rehabilitation center


Alcohol addiction is a subspecies of drug addiction that destroys and shortens human life. The number of people addicted to ethyl alcohol is increasing every year. Still, the number of effective alcohol addiction treatment anonymous methods is also great, so every person has the opportunity to return to a healthy life forever.


According to the International Classification of Diseases, diseases manifested by excessive, prolonged, and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages are classified as chronic alcoholism. The central psychic aspect of the given disease is the total indifference of an addict to the consequences of his way of life and the loss of ability to be responsible for his actions.


Modern narcology and psychiatry make it possible to treat alcohol addiction without risk. Luxury rehab  “The Ohana” provides treatment of all stages of alcoholism with the latest techniques, proven to be effective on the international level.

Chronic alcoholism and its treatment

At the drug treatment center, alcoholism treatment methods are selected depending on the stage of the disease:


  • In the first stage of alcoholism, a person has a low psychological dependence. If a person does not have access to alcohol, he does not drink, but as soon as alcohol appears on the “horizon,” he will immediately take a dose of alcohol. At this stage, there are no outward signs of alcoholism, only a slight craving for alcohol. A person likes to drink with friends at the weekend or brightens up his loneliness with alcohol. At this stage, treatment is simple enough. The patient needs to be distracted by some work and help him brighten up his leisure time, namely, not leaving him alone. Within a short time, the alcohol addiction passes by itself.

  • During the second stage, the patient develops a compulsive desire to drink. Psychological addiction becomes more steady. The person can’t get distracted and forget about the alcohol. After coming home from work, he tries to take a dose of ethyl as soon as possible. As a result, the patient never misses an opportunity to drink; alcohol gradually becomes a part of his life.

  • In the third stage, the patient feels not only psychological but also physiological dependence. This happens because alcohol disrupts the endocrine system, and some hormones are no longer produced. The person feels bad without alcohol. He needs to drink constantly to improve his well-being. As a result, the patient’s liver begins to show signs of cirrhosis.

  • The fourth stage is the last stage of alcoholism. It is characterized by dysfunction of almost all internal organs. The person loses interest in the world around him. All that interests him is ethyl. Forced withdrawal from alcohol often leads to death. According to statistics, 95% of alcoholics die very painfully. The cause is a heart attack or brain hemorrhage.

Stages of chronic alcoholism treatment

Treatment of a patient with alcoholism is a complex process that combines several stages:


  • Counseling.

  • Intervention – convincing of the need to go to a narcologist.

  • Diagnosis of the systems and organs.

  • Withdrawal from drinking, withdrawal.

  • Alcoholism coding with medications or methods of psychological impact.

  • Alcohol detoxification.

  • Rehabilitation.

  • Adaptation in society.


An individual program is developed for each client, including the most appropriate procedures and techniques – only if all of these conditions are met will treatment be effective.

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