How Pearl Powder Topical Supplements Are Beneficial To Health?

How Pearl Powder Topical Supplements Are Beneficial To Health?


Oysters are nurtured in nature for years to form a beautiful pearl. Pearls are women’s best friend but are also popular for health treatment. They were used in the past by royals and wealthy to maintain skin as well as body health.

Researchers have validated use of pearl powder orally and topically but there is still ongoing research associated to ancient herbal remedies. Pearls nacre is made from CaCO3 [aragonite] and small amount of albuminoid substance [organic conchiolin]. According to Western perception calcium carbonate is sole active ingredient found in pearl, so it is suggested to use it as a whole whenever you can. Continue reading this below on how to incorporate pure pearl powder.

  • Topical use of pearls 

For nourishing and moisturizing your aging skin 

  • One teaspoon pure pearl powder
  • One lemon juice
  • One beaten egg-white
  • One teaspoon raw honey 

For revitalizing dull and dry skin 

  • One teaspoon pearl powder
  • Extra virgin oil enough to make paste 

For reducing large skin pores 

  • One teaspoon pearl powder
  • Sufficient whole milk

Avoid wearing makeup immediately after using pearl mask. Let skin breathe for some time, after rinsing the mask.

Spray to cool your skin after extra exposure to sun 

  • One teaspoon pearl powder
  • Freshly brewed & strained green tea
  • Witch hazel extract couple of drops

Keep this mixture in the fridge to preserve its freshness. Spray prevents sun damage as green tea has high antioxidant content.

  • Pearl powder as supplement 

Regularly consuming a dab of pearl powder – 

  • Calms nervousness
  • Reduces fear
  • Improves vision
  • Dampens inflammatory illnesses like hyperacidity and insomnia
  • Along with cleansing diet [Vegetables and fruits] sooths scalp and irritated skin
  • Reduces nasty body odor

Sprinkling pearl powder inside your shoes will absorb moisture and foul smell. 

Pearl calcium and bones 

According to different studies –

  • Oyster shell calcium is very effective for improving bone mineral density, especially in elderly people.
  • Mixture of Mother of pearl and sea pearl powder is very effective on anti-aging and tonic actions than freshwater pearl powder.
  • Pearl calcium carbonate is absorbed by your large intestine. If taken with vitamin D3 the absorption gets more improved.
  • Women need extra calcium in their menstrual cycle. Both male and female require more calcium, during stress stages.
  • Calcium is used more in winter, so pearl powder mixed with orange juice helps in winter time to evade the feel of depression and nervousness as well as heart irregularities and poor muscle tone.

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