Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Lashes in Different Seasons

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All seasons are beautiful in their own way. We do different activities in different seasons. For example, we go to the beach in summers, whereas, in winters, we go for activities like snowboarding. While doing these activities, you can notice your skin and hair can get damaged. Your skin may get tan & oily, and your hair becomes dry & frizzy. It indicates that you need to take care of your skin, hair, and lashes too.

Lack of care can delay your eyelash growth and make them dry. You can apply lash growth serumto hydrate eyelashes and get positive results related to lash growth. Generally, lashes need care in all seasons. You must take care of your lashes with different methods in different seasons. Here, we will discuss a few simple tips for the same.

Tips to Get Healthy Lashes

In Summer Season

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Summer means going out on vacations and doing adventurous activities, including hiking, camping, swimming, etc. Being in contact with dust and debris while doing these activities can clog your lash pores and can stop lash growth. Besides this, dirty lashes spread bacteria and germs to your eye, which can increase itchiness & redness. You can splash cold water to remove excess dirt and debris. It gives a soothing effect and helps to clean your lashes deeply.

Sweat Can Damage Your Lashes

Most people participate in sports activities during the summer season. Sweating is common while doing an activity due to heat and sunlight in the summer, which can make your lashes sticky. You can clean them using a clean towel to pat dry. It helps to soak all excess moisture and keep them dry and clean.

Avoid Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential when it comes to taking care of your skin in the summer. Still, applying it is suitable for your skin and not for your lashes. It contains oils that can clog your pores and negatively affect your lashes, and it can be a reason for excessive eyelash shedding. In the summer season, you can notice that your eyelashes become dry. You can apply an eyelash conditioner, which can help to protect your lashes against dryness, providing moisture to them.

Avoid Heat

It is okay until you are in natural heat during the summer season. Still, excessive heat on your lash can make them dry, and direct heat on them can damage lash cuticles & burn strands. Also, keep your lashes away from the hair dryer while drying your hair, as it can make them frizzy and brittle.

In Winter Season

Moisturize Your Lashes

In the winter season, your lashes can quickly get dry and dull. Not moisturizing enough can be a reason for excessive lash fall, and it can make them frizzy and brittle. Hydrating lashes can help to provide enough moisture, keep lash strands strong & provide a shiny effect. You can apply essential oils, including coconut, olive, argan, castor, and almond oil. These can help to make your lashes strong and healthy.

Consume Healthy Food Options

A deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals in your body can slow your lash growth. You can consume several food items to fulfill the required amount of nutrients, which allows faster and more effective eyelash growth. A few nutrients can assist in growing them, including vitamins A, B3, B5, and E, biotin, zinc, iron, etc. To get these vitamins and minerals, you can consume food items such as eggs, salmon, cod liver oil, carrot, avocado, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc. You can also choose to go for vitamin supplements. Brands like MD Factor offer supplements that can fulfill nutrient value in your body.

Choose Your Eye Gear Wisely

Winter months are the perfect time to enjoy snow and do activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, etc. Cold and snowy winds can dry your lashes and make them dull. You can wear goggles to protect them from snowy winds while having fun in winter. Extremely fit eye gear can touch your lashes and break strands. Also, it can damage your lash follicles and stop your lash growth. Selecting a wider frame can protect your lashes against breakage and lash shedding.

Apply Oil-based Makeup

Winter season means lots of festivals & celebrations, and applying makeup is the first thing when it comes to attending a party and celebrating something. Eye makeup, including eye shadow, mascara, and eye concealer, enhance your beauty but problem arises while removing these makeup products. Mostly, people rub their eyes harshly to remove makeup, which can cause breakage to the lash strands. You can use oil-based makeup that easily comes off.

Wrapping Up!

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