Going Natural with Enzymes: The Most Effective Way to Treat Your Pool and Spa Water

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Enzymes offer pool and spa owners a natural solution to treat their water. Enzymes are among the top choices to balance your water chemistry or make it look sparkling clean. They’re natural, effective, and affordable. When used in conjunction with other treatment systems, enzymes can be beneficial in keeping your pool or spa looking its best, even when using other treatments that aren’t as environmentally friendly as enzymes. So why use enzymes? Here is why you should use them and how they can benefit you and your pool or spa water.

1. It’s a Natural Water Treatment Method

Enzyme pool cleaners are 100% natural. They’re safe for people, pets, plants, and fish—and you can use them in any pool or spa. There’s no longer a need to use harsh chemicals that wear down your filter, cause unpleasant odors and pollute your water. Your body will thank you for making the switch! Plus, enzymes cost less than traditional treatments like chlorine tablets. That means more money in your pocket and better overall health for you and your family.

You can contact natural pool and spa water treatmen specialists to help you switch to natural water treatment methods for your pool or spa and enjoy cleaner and environmentally friendly water throughout your swimming season!

2. Establishes a Healthy Living Environment

Enzyme products work together to provide balanced, natural water treatment. By using enzymes alone, you’ll be able to rid your pool or spa of contaminants while maintaining a healthier living environment for yourself, your family, friends, and pets! You will no longer experience allergies or skin irritations caused by chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in traditional treatments.

Just as necessary, by providing a more naturally balanced environment, you can reduce the amount of chlorine you may need for treating your water by up to 50%. For most people, that means being able to enjoy cleaner water without having to use harsh chemicals like chlorine or bromine. That will help prevent dry skin, hair, and red eyes caused by too much exposure to these chemicals.

3. Allows Use of Less Amount of Chemicals

Instead of relying on chemical treatment, you can boost your chemical efficiency by using enzymes. These biological cleaners are not only effective at breaking down contaminants in water, but they also allow you to use less amount of chemicals in your pool or spa. Using enzymes will save time and money for your pool or spa maintenance. It breaks down organic debris that usually forms a film at the top of your pool water. These organics may include urine, feces, sweat, and dead skin cells with high chlorine demand.

Thus dirty pools will require frequent chlorine boosts. However, by using these enzyme products, such as pool enzyme concentrate, you free up your chlorine (by breaking down the organics) to do what it does best and reduce the quantity of chlorine you need to maintain your water. Hence, reducing your overall cost of maintaining your pool or spa. However, while enzymes effectively work against organic debris in fresh and saltwater pools or spas, they aren’t suitable for treating chlorinated pools.

4. It Makes it Easier to Clean Filters and Less Often

Over time, a dirty filter will work less effectively as it collects debris. A dirty filter also increases wear on pumps, costing you maintenance costs. Replacing filters more often causes an increase in wastewater runoff which can cause algae blooms in your pool or spa.

Enzymes make it easier to keep your filters clean so that you spend less time scrubbing them off and more time swimming! Enzymes prevent the build-up of oils and other contaminants by breaking down organic material before they can settle into your filter’s pores. That saves you time cleaning and helps extend your filter’s life.


Switching to natural enzyme treatment is crucial if you’re looking for a way to give your pool or spa water a makeover. It provides a friendly water environment at an affordable rate. Suppose you’re considering synthetic chemicals. These are well-known for their effectiveness in sanitizing swimming water, but they also come with dangers. That’s where enzymes step in! Using natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals will help keep your pool sparkling clean without compromising your health. Identifying a reputable pool and spa water treatment company will help you make a switch effectively and efficiently.

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