Keeping Track of Your Physical Health: Everything You Should Know about Blood Testing

Blood Testing


Keeping track of your physical health is crucial. You can know when your body changes through various tests, allowing you to decide what to do based on your health status. Blood tests, for instance, are crucial to detecting and preventing diseases. They help catch health problems before they arise and cause more complications. Carrying out a blood test is easy and fast. Furthermore, the lab provides a lot of details about your health. In this article, you will learn about important things about blood tests and why they are vital.

Why Should You Get Your Blood Tested

Blood tests are carried out for different reasons. They are part of the most common tests carried out in medical settings. So, a blood test like the 5 panel blood test will be carried out to:

  • Screen for genetic conditions
  • Gage your health status
  • Assess blood clotting
  • Evaluate how organs like kidneys are functioning
  • Assess for infection
  • Diagnose diseases like diabetes and HIV/AIDS
  • Check if you risk heart disease

What Happens Before, During, and After a Blood Test?

  • Before a Blood Test

You might not be required to do any preparations before the test. Furthermore, the test will take only a few minutes. However, other tests might require you to avoid eating for about 12 hours before the test.

  • During the Blood Test

During the test, the professional will take a sample of your blood from your arm vessel after sanitizing the area. The arm is the most preferred place for taking out the sample because it is quick to uncover. The blood is taken from the inner part of your elbow or wrist because the vessels are visible on these parts. The band tied around the arm causes the vein to swell, making it easier to draw the sample.

  • After the Blood Test

Once the sample is drawn, you will not feel any significant effect. However, some people may feel slight dizziness. Suppose you have experienced this on your previous blood tests. In that case, informing the professional before they carry out the test is advisable. You might get a small bruise where the needle is inserted, but it is harmless and will disappear after a few days.

The Benefits of Blood Tests

Blood tests are taken to confirm various things like the ones discussed above. They provide reliable data that helps you know about your health. Thus, it makes it easy to keep track of your health. Other benefits of blood tests include:

  • Diagnosing Diseases

Detecting diseases in advance is crucial to treating them in their early stages. Even though the test may not find all the conditions, it provides an effective way of discovering most of them.

  • Checking Organ Function

The primary function of organs like the liver is to break down toxins in the body while kidneys remove the toxins. If there are issues with such organs, blood tests make it easy to detect them.

  • Assess Hormone Levels

The body has essential hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and others that perform different functions. Regular tests can assist in identifying the hormones and their levels.

Wrapping It Up!

It is crucial to take blood tests once in a while to know your health status and make critical decisions. Blood tests are vital to discovering diseases so you can get the best treatment and avoid complications.

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