Move Your Body For Healthy Lifestyle

Move Your Body For Healthy Lifestyle


To stay fit is not that easy to achieve. You need to spend an effort plus energy to have a fit body. However, if you know the right approach on how to achieve the goal of having a sexy and fit body. Some individuals use to have a balanced diet and regular exercise, it is a combo. These are good activities and plan to achieve a sexy and fit body. But, some of these individuals don’t feel satisfied. They look for something challenging and more effective. Now, would you prefer to starve yourself because you are dieting? Do you want to acquire a “no pain, no gain” method? What about undergoing osteopathy, myotherapy, clinical pilates and bike fit?

Does working out leads to weight gain in women?

Exercising is known as one of the best ways to shed off extra weight. But, from research, it has been shown that exercise can facilitate weight gain in women. The Arizona State University research team analyzed the effects of exercising on the following:

  • age 81
  • overweight
  • sedentary women

The women were asked to walk three times weekly and to do half an hour on the treadmill. This fitness practice went on for 12 weeks. There were no dietary changes that were made. Calories lost were calculated regularly. The results were conflicting. Some women gained weight while others remained fit. 70 percent of the women seemed to gain more weight during the study. However, the results also showed an improvement in fitness practices which facilitated the loss of weight.

A study conducted

Various suggestions to explain the findings on weight gain have been put forward by many researchers. The predominant proposition was that many of the women did not give actual information on what they were eating and doing during the study. This may have contributed to the gaining of weight. The women may also have put on weight by becoming sedentary. Meaning, they ate a lot as they burn more calories through exercise.

A professor of nutrition, Glen Gaessar, was the head of the team of researchers. He said that many of the women who gained weight during the onset of a fitness program usually lose more in the process of the program itself. He also proposed that together with the diet, exercising and other activities can contribute to the gain or loss of weight. It depends on the exercise positions and the treatment is done.

People looking to shed off weight must check their progress every four weeks. Daily weight measurements are not necessary. The goal is always to become fit, but not to calculate the amount of weight loss. At least half an hour of exercising will facilitate weight loss. This is not an easy feat to achieve, particularly during the startup sessions. Thus, it is highly recommended that people start with osteopathy, myotherapy, clinical pilates and bike fit. Then, proceed gradually to more intense exercises. Consistency and monitoring of dietary habits will also be of great help to avoid excess calorie intake and build up.

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